Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knitted Dishcloths & Scrubbie gift baskets set

When I first heard about people knitting dishcloths, I thought it was a bit of a joke. However, I soon discovered that it is quite a tradition and a sensible one too!

Making your own dishcloth can be fun and it also saves you money. I have heard that knitted dishcloths last longer than shop bought cloths! Well I have started making my own and I will say I love them this first photo is my set that I knitted for my self, and I am using them every day! they wash dishes so much better then store bought dish clothes and wow cleaning and wiping up your stove counter tops is a breeze with knitted dishcloths. there's nothing better then hand knitted dishcloths not to mention they last for years take a look at my set I made.

For sale very nice gift basket handmade by me!



Here is the set started that I will be selling in my stores I will be making Knitted Dish Scrubbie to match the set, and also you can purchase them in gift baskets coming soon so throw out those old worn out dishcloths rags..

and Scrubbies great for pots and pans just throw in the wash and use over and over again! same with the washcloths, my colors I have chosen will go with any decor from vintage to shabby sheik and will make the perfect gift.


Debs great finds blujay shops

Great Deals on Antques adding more as I clean out all items for sale pick up only!

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